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Big Bang Theory, The: 2nd Season - d3-4/4

Director(s): Mark Cendrowski

Theatrical Release: 2009

Cast: Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Kaley Cuoco, Carol Ann Susi

Genre(s): TV, Comedy, science & technology, culture, Dean's List

Countries: USA

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Running Time:


13: The Friendship Algorithm - Sheldon tries to make friends with a despised colleague, with the hopes that it will get him access to a coveted computer in the lab. (

14: The Financial Permeability - Penny cannot afford to pay her rent, so Sheldon and Leonard each come up with unique ways to help her out. (

15: The Maternal Capacitance - Sheldon hits it off with Leonard's psychoanalyst mother, but she drives Leonard and Penny to the bottle. (

16: The Cushion Saturation - Howard hooks up with Leslie, while Penny accidentally ruins Sheldon's spot on the couch. (

17: The Terminator Decoupling - On a train trip to San Francisco, the boys debate on how to meet sci-fi star Summer Glau, who is on board with them.

18: The Work Song Nanocluster - Sheldon's assistance with Penny's home-based business leads to disaster. (


19: The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition - Penny becomes jealous when a gorgeous new neighbor attracts the guys' attention. (

20: The Hofstadter Isotope - Leonard is so upset when a friend from the comic book store begins dating Penny that he convinces Howard and Raj to take him to a bar so that he can pick up a woman of his own. (

21: The Vegas Renormalization - After being dumped by Leslie, Howard heads to Las Vegas with Leonard and Raj, leaving Penny to deal with Sheldon, who has locked himself out of the apartment. (

22: The Classified Materials Turbulence - Penny's second date with Stuart has significant implications for Leonard. Howard enlists the guys' help with one of his NASA projects. (

23: The Monopolar Expedition - Penny gets upset when she finds out Leonard and the guys plan to work at the North Pole for the summer. (


Disc 4 Special Features:

! Physicist to the Stars: Real-life physicist/UCLA professor David Saltzberg's consulting relationship to the show

! Testing the Infinite Hilarity Hyphothesis in Relation to The Big Bang Theory: Season 2's unique characters and characteristics

! Gag Reel