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Taxidermia (aka Taxidermy)

Director(s): Gyorgy Palfi

Theatrical Release: 2006

Cast: Csaba Czene, Gergo Trocsanyi, Marc Bischoff, Adel Stanczel, Zoltan Koppany, Istvan Hunyadkurthy

Genre(s): Comedy, surreal, Horror, Drama, Dean's List

Countries: Hungary, Austria, France

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 91m.

A strange young man takes his family's long tradition of bizarre behavior to new heights (or depths) in this wildly perverse and explicit horror comedy from director Gyrgy Plfi. Klmn Balatony (Gergo Tr=csnyi) is a grotesquely fat gentleman who was fathered by an angry hospital orderly getting revenge on his boss by having sex with his wife. While the embittered husband killed the orderly when he was caught in the act, Klmn was born as a result of the wife's indiscretion, and when he grows to adulthood he earns a modest fame as a competitive eating champion. At an eating contest, Klmn meets a female competitor, the freakish Gizi (AdTl Stanczel), and the two fall in love. Klmn and Gizi marry, and she gives birth to a son, Lajos (Marc Bischoff), who grows up to be just as skinny as his parents are fat. Lajos studies taxidermy and takes up preserving animals as a career when he isn't busy taking care of his elderly and increasingly massive father. Lajos also raises a handful of unusually large house cats, and when they begin to turn on their master, Lajos uses his talents to keep them around the house without the danger of their bothering anyone. Taxidermia received its North American premiere at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival. (

Member Reviews

Exquisitely Perverted, Beautiful Nightmare by antman - April 7, 2010
Taxidermia captures all that I love about certain highly stylized, warped European cinema: the colorful and absurd universes of Jeunet, the immaculate framing contrasted by harsh reality of Seidl and the detailed macabre and sublime surrealism of Svankmajer. It's a visual smorgasbord of perverts, speed eaters and the delicate art of self-mutilation - an explicit nightmare of mutilation, perversion and lurid beauty.

The movie traces three generations of men, starting with an extremely horny orderly (with a flame-throwing penis no less) who impregnates his boss' wife, his resultant son who, after being de-tailed by a livid bossman, goes on to be a reasonably notable speed-eater, and finally his son, a scrawny misfit who raises extremely large cats and stuffs carcasses for a living, supporting his obese, now retired pops. In short, it's about one seriously beautiful yet fucked up family.

"We wanted to show what makes a man more than just a slab of meat. The film is trying to explore what makes you human." director Gyorgy Palfi says. I believe he also described it accurately as the "degeneration of the generations."

I was hypnotized despite my constant repulsion; Palfi manages to find beauty even in the repugnant. A frighteningly evocative and bombastic comedy, Taxidermia is clearly not for the faint of heartyet completely worth it if youve got the stomach.