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Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The (2009)

Director(s): Terry Gilliam

Theatrical Release: 2009

Cast: Heath Ledger, Christopher Plummer, Tom Waits, Johnny Depp, Verne Troyer, Lily Cole

Genre(s): Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Dean's List

Countries: United Kingdom, Canada

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 123m.

Set in the present day, director Terry Gilliam's fantastical morality tale follows the traveling show of the mysterious Dr. Parnassus (Christopher Plummer) -- a man who once won a bet with the Devil himself, and possesses the unique ability to guide the imagination of others. Many centuries ago, Dr. Parnassus won immortality in a bet that found the malevolent Mr. Nick (Tom Waits) coming up short. While few would be foolish enough to try their luck against the powers of darkness a second time, Dr. Parnassus did precisely that -- this time trading his mortality for youth on the understanding that his firstborn would become the property of Mr. Nick when the child reaches his or her 16th birthday.

Flash-forward to the present day, and Dr. Parnassus' daughter, Valentina (Lily Cole), is about to celebrate her sweet sixteen. Dr. Parnassus is desperate to save his little girl from her fiery fate, so when Mr. Nick arrives to collect, he senses the good doctor's malaise and cooks up a wager too enticing to refuse: Dr. Parnassus and Mr. Nick will each compete to seduce five souls, with possession of Valentina going to whoever manages to complete the task first. As the competition begins to heat up, a mysterious man named Tony (Heath Ledger) appears. Could Tony be the one man capable of helping Dr. Parnassus win the competition and save Valentina? While the sudden death of prominent Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus player Heath Ledger in January of 2008 left Gilliam and company scrambling to find a means of salvaging the film -- which was already well into principal photography at the time -- the cavalry soon arrived in the form of Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell, who each serve as alternate-dimension versions of Tony when the character crosses through a paranormal mirror. (


DVD Special Features:

! Audio Commentary by Terry Gilliam

! Introduction by Terry Gilliam

! Deleted Scene of kid who enters the Imaginarium: A young kid enters the Imaginarium to escape his parents and finds himself in a fantastic couloured landscape, like the videogame hes playing.

! Deleted Scene / Commentary by Terry Gilliam: Terry Gilliam explains the making of this scene with the kid and the reason of the deletion.

! Behind the Mirror - this featurette is a first presentation of the world of the film, with interviews and making off scenes.

! The Imaginarium of Terry Gilliam - in this featurette, Terry Gilliam explains his vision and the whole crew talks about their collaboration with him.

! Building the Monastery - the production design team, the VFX team, the matte-painting team all talk about how the Monastery came to life, from imagination to realization.

! The Drunk Scene for the Multi angle Sequence: When a drunk disturbs the show, he enters the Imaginarium where hes grabbed by a hand creature before having to choose between a mountain of stairs and a bar, held by the Devil. Four windows on screen show each step of creation : Storyboards and previz, blue screen, integration of the first VFX, and the completed sequence.

! Heath and Friends - Terry Gilliam, Cast and Crew speak about Heath Ledger and their relationship with him and the movie.

! Heath Wardrobe Tests - Heath Ledger, shot during his first wardrobe and make up tests.

! Segments of Interview of Heath Ledger - Heath Ledger speaks about the film and his involvment in the project and with Terry Gilliam.

! Dr Parnassus around the World - montage from the Cannes Film Festival in May 2009 to the Japanese Premiere in January 2010, passing by the red carpets of London and Rome.

! Cast and Crew - presentation on stage with Terry Gilliam and the cast & crew at the London Premiere in October 2009.

! Trailer