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cover: Tetro (2009)

Tetro (2009)

Director(s): Francis Ford Coppola

Theatrical Release: 2009

Cast: Vincent Gallo, Alden Ehrenreich, Maribel Verdu, Carmen Maura, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Leticia Bredice

Genre(s): Drama, Family, mystery

Countries: USA, Argentina, Spain, Italy

Location in store: American Directors > Francis Ford Coppola

(2 / 2)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 127m.

On the heels of the self-financed, modestly budgeted 2007 drama Youth Without Youth -- his first directorial outing after a ten-year hiatus -- filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola remains situated in the director's chair for this semi-autobiographical family drama concerning an artistic family of immigrants whose fierce rivalries span several generations. Vincent Gallo stars with newcomer Alden Ehrenreich, with Carmen Maura, Maribel Verdú, and Alden Ehrenreich rounding out the cast. (


DVD Special Features:

! Audio Commentary with Director Francis Ford Coppola and Actor Alden Ehrenreich

! "Osvaldo Golijov: Music Born From the Film" featurette

! "Mihai Malaimare, Jr.: The Cinematography" featurette

! "The Ballet" featurette

! "The Rehearsal Process" Featurette

! "La Colifata: Siempre Fui Loco" featurette

! "Fausta: A Drama in Verse" featurette

! Full End Credits

Member Reviews

Welcome Back, Koppola by Nobody - May 31, 2010
After a long reprieve, Coppola returns with a visually captivating, mostly black & white, story set in Buenos Aires. It didn't take long to get past over my personal feelings about Vincent Gallo (who I find to be generally repugnant). Nor was it hard to set aside the fairly lame performance by a Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike or Gallo's barely passable Spanish. Maribel Verdu (Pan's Labyrinth) picked up the slack in the skilled acting department. If nothing else, Tetro is a compelling story and nicely crafted film that reminds us that Coppola didn't throw in the towel after his last epic - Peggy Sue Got Married.