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cover: Ex Drummer (2007)

Ex Drummer (2007)

Director(s): Koen Mortier

Theatrical Release: 2007

Cast: Dries Vanhegen, Sam Louwyck, Norman Baert, Gunter Lamoot, Tristan Versteven, Dolores Bouckaert

Genre(s): Comedy, crime, Drama, music

Countries: Belgium

Location in store: Miscellaneous International Cinema

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 104m.

A hapless amateur rock band thinks they've found the key to success only to find their plan has sunk them even deeper into well-deserved obscurity in this confrontational comedy-drama. The Feminists are a going-nowhere punk rock band living in a small Belgian town. The Feminists' gimmick is that all three members are handicapped in some way -- Ivan (Sam Louwyck) is losing his hearing, Koen (Norman Baert) has a speech impediment, and Jan (Gunter Lamoot) permanently injured his arm in an accident. The Feminists, however, are short a drummer, and are searching for a percussionist so they can enter a regional "Battle of the Bands." They approach Dries (Dries Vanhegen), a well known author, and ask him to join the group; his lack of experience as a drummer would serve as his handicap, and his presence would doubtless attract a few customers. Arrogant Dries takes the Feminists up on their invitation as a way of seeing how the other half lives, but as the band hits the road, they constantly shoot opportunity in the foot with their boorish antics and frequent violent outbursts. Ex-Drummer was the first feature film from director Koen Mortier, who previously established himself as a leading director of television commercials. (


DVD Special Features:

! Trailer & Uncut Trailer

! The Making of Ex Drummer

! 3 Music Videos: The Feminists, Overdue Hykers & Flip Kowlier