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cover: Alien Autopsy (2006)

Alien Autopsy (2006)

Director(s): Jonny Campbell

Theatrical Release: 2006

Cast: Ant McPartlin, Declan Donnelly, Bill Pullman, Gotz Otto, Harry Dean Stanton, Morwenna Banks

Genre(s): Comedy, Sci-Fi, media, Dean's List

Countries: United Kingdom, USA, Germany (East/West)

Location in store: United Kingdom / Irish Cinema

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 95m.

Director Jonny Campbell teams with screenwriter William Davies for this satirical look at the notorious, purportedly genuine "Alien Autopsy" video that fascinated viewers worldwide before being exposed as an elaborately staged hoax in 1995. Aired in America by the Fox network, the Alien Autopsy video caused an overnight sensation among UFO enthusiasts while proving just how susceptible to hype the media truly is. Now viewers can follow the adventures of ambitious British pranksters Gary (Ant McPartlin) and Ray (Declan Donnelly) as they execute one of the largest-scale practical jokes ever attempted. Bill Pullman and Harry Dean Stanton co-star in a comedy that encourages viewers to believe none of what they hear, and only half of what they see. (


DVD Special Features:

! DeletedScenes with optional commentary by Director, Jonny Campbell

! Alternate Opening

! The Making of Ant & Dec's Alien Autopsy

! Outtakes

! Original Trailer

! Commentary by Jonny Campbell