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cover: Camelot: 1st Season - d3/3

Camelot: 1st Season - d3/3

Director(s): Michael Hirst, Chris Chibnall

Theatrical Release: 2011

Cast: Joseph Fiennes, Jamie Campbell Bower, Tamsin Egerton, Eva Green, Claire Forlani, Peter Mooney

Genre(s): TV, Drama, Fantasy, Action, Dean's List

Countries: USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada

Location in store: Television

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:

Disc 3 Episodes

09: The Battle of Bardon Pass - Morgan makes her escape, leaving a puzzled Ygrain believing she is going mad until Merlin explains Morgan's deception. They go to Castle Pendragon to confront her but end up as her prisoners. Leontes,now aware of his wife's infidelity,prepares to leave Camelot but joins Arthur and the knights in defending Bardon Pass,an outpost attacked by Morgan's men in Morgan's plan to show people the fragility of Arthur's protection and the need for her patronage. Guinevere also turns up and the affair is made public. The attackers are repulsed but Arthur stays behind to hold the fort,allowing the others to escape.

10: Reckoning - Morgan enters Camelot with her prisoners,claiming that they are traitors and that only she can save the realm from the marauding bands. Confronting Ygrain in private she kills her. Arthur does a sterling job of holding the attackers at bay using booby traps until his men return to rout the invaders though Leontes is slain. The knights return to Camelot where Sybil takes the blame for the conspiracy and is executed by an unconvinced Gawain. After Ygrain and Leontes have been laid to rest Arthur is free to rule with Guinevere, though Morgan,having sought advice at Sybil's grave,may not be willing to give in. (


Disc 3 Special Features:

! Character Profiles

! The Knights of Camelot

! The Women of Camelot

! On The Set: Mooney’s Movie

! Scene Breakdowns

! Candid Camelot

! Camelot Blooper Reel