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Outcasts: 1st Season - d2-3/3 (2d)

Director(s): Ben Richards

Theatrical Release: 2011

Cast: Liam Cunningham, Hermione Norris, Stella Isen, Daniel Mays, Amy Manson, Eric Mabius

Genre(s): TV, Sci-Fi, Drama, politics, Adventure, BBC, Dean's List

Countries: United Kingdom

Location in store:

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Ant Rating
Running Time:

Leaving a deteriorating Earth behind, a group of courageous pioneers have colonized the planet Carpathia. Ten years later, the citizens of the settlement town Forthaven have lost contact with Earth and are uncertain if or when more transporters will arrive. President Tate governs the settlement, aided by Stella Isen and her security officers Fluer and Cass, while Expeditionaries like Jack Holt explore their new home. But secrets and something beyond the gates of Forthaven threaten to destroy their future. (by L. Hamre)

From the makers of award-winning and international hit series Life on Mars, MI-5, and Hustle, comes the new high concept drama Outcasts. When Earth becomes uninhabitable, a surviving group of pioneers decides to leave for the planet Carpathia to rebuild their lives, and hopefully the human race. The series takes viewers into a the new frontier as it explores survival, sex, politics and the drive for power in a new post-Earth era. And as the group continue to work and live together, they come to realize that this brave new world harbors a lurking mystery that threatens to topple the fragile peace they built. Created by Ben Richards (MI-5), the series stars Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty, The L Word), Liam Cunningham (Clash Of The Titans) and Hermione Norris (MI-5, Wire In The Blood).

Disc 2 Episodes:

04 A troubled AC enters Forthaven and attacks a citizen. Fleur and Cass struggle to contain the situation. The Expeditionaries make a stunning discovery.

05 An early settler of Carpathia, long believed dead, returns to Forthaven. Cass and Fleur follow him into dangerous unexplored territory. Berger's influence continues to grow. And Tate believes his dead children have returned.

06 The mystery surrounding three missing Expeditionaries only deepens when one of them returns to Forthaven.

Disc 3 Episodes:

07 Cass receives an anonymous note that threatens to expose his past. Tipper helps Stella and Tate learn more about the mysterious hostile life form that occupies the planet.

08 A new virus hits Forthaven,striking down Lily and Tipper among others, and Tate fears it is the host's response to the city's signals. He and Stella plan to set up a transmitter to jam the signals carrying the virus but Berger tries to prevent them by explaining that it will stop the transporter with which he has been in touch from arriving from Earth. Berger tries to blame the outbreak on the A.C.s,especially Fleur and reveals that Fleur is an A.C. created in a niche project on Earth with some of Tate's DNA. Cass helps Fleur to escape to the desert,telling her that on Earth he worked for murderous gangsters but turned them in in exchange for his new identity. He delivers her to Rudi and the A.C.s set out on a trek for new territory. Tate resigns as president,handing over to Jack,who has Berger arrested and allows the transmitter to be created. Tipper and Lily are among those who recover as the virus is prevented,the transporter landing in the desert outside Forthaven. (


Disc 3 Special Features:

! Outcasts: Reach Out to the Stars

! Forthaven: Set Tour