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Miss Minoes (2001)

Director(s): Vincent Bal

Theatrical Release: 2001

Cast: Carice van Houten, Theo Maassen, Sarah Bannier, Pierre Bokma, Marisa van Eyle, Olga Zuiderhoek

Genre(s): Fantasy, Comedy, Family

Countries: Netherlands

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 86m.

This utterly charming classic family film tells the tale of Miss Minoes, a cat who is transformed into a young woman (Carice van Houten) and befriends Tibbe (Theo Maassen), a shy bumbling cub reporter for the local newspaper. Miss Minoes, still recognized as a cat by the neighborhood felines despite her new appearance, organizes them into a news-gathering service and helps Tibbe become a star reporter. He soon turns investigative and discovers that the popular chairman of the Club For Friends of Animals and boss of a nearby factory has evil plans...


DVD Special Features:

! Kitty Bloopers

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Member Reviews

Plagiarized by Steig Larsson by C20004656 - September 11, 2012
It just took him four years after stealing it to add a lot of crap and turn it into "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." This is the good version -- minus the missing girl macguffin, the rape, the depressing sex, the suffocating boredom, and the Swedes. And the dragon tattoo.

Released ages ago in the States as the dubbed but still delightful "Undercover Kitty," which attracted a passionate audience of four or five, "Miss Minoes" is finally here in the original Dutch. Now the world will know. This is the best children's movie ever made, but salted with enough sly humor to make it possibly the best grown-up movie-movie ever made. Your rating may vary depending on what noise you involuntarily emit when presented with a sackful of kittens, but it will not go lower than an 8. Carice van Houten hilariously embodies the soul of a cat trapped in the body of a woman (why has she never been recruited for the Batman franchise?) by a chemical spill, and okay, that part is best not contemplated too long, and Theo Maassen is equally perfect as the guy who probably never should have made it out of journalism school but who you wish was your upstairs neighbor so you could hang out and eat ice cream and chew gum together. Makes you want to visit the Netherlands -- and not Amsterdam, either, like everybody else.