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Over the Edge (1979)

Director(s): Jonathan Kaplan

Theatrical Release: 1979

Cast: Matt Dillon, Michael Kramer, Pamela Ludwig, Vincent Spano, Tom Fergus, Harry Northrup

Genre(s): Drama, teen movie, coming-of-age, Dean's List

Countries: USA

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 95m.

The protagonists of Over the Edge are the teen-aged offspring of the residents of a planned suburban community. This bland little town has been designed with conformity in mind, and with no thought of making the kids' lives worth living. Even worse, there is very little opportunity for any of the teens to grow "out" of the community and live elsewhere. Consequently, the kids rebel by drinking themselves sick, dealing in drugs, and indulging in deadly violence. Inasmuch as the local cops are predisposed to beat the teens into submission, the kids retaliate by directing their frustrations at the Law; the results are tragic, to be sure, but in no way predictable. Over the Edge struck as sensitive a nerve with young 1970s moviegoers as Rebel Without a Cause did with their 1950s forebears; the difference here is that there are precious few rays of hope at the climax. Matt Dillon made his screen debut in Over the Edge, distinguishing himself in a strong ensemble cast that included Vincent Spano, Andy Romano and Ellen Geer. The on-the-money screenplay was written by Charles Haas and Tim Hunter; the soundtrack songs feature the Ramones. -- Hal Erickson (