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cover: Sex-A-Go-Go Collection

Sex-A-Go-Go Collection

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1964 / 196


Genre(s): Drama, Comedy, spy

Countries: United Kingdom

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 258m.

THE YELLOW TEDDYBEARS (1964, Robert Hartford-Davis, UK, drama, 88m)

In this youthful drama, based on a true story, a group of boarding school girls who have lost their virginity begin to proudly wear yellow teddy bear pins to show that they are now worldly women. One of them, a troubled 16-year old who has been ignored by her parents, is quite pleased when she finally gets her pin. Unfortunately she also gets pregnant. Her impregnator is a window washer and aspiring pop singer. She needs an abortion and is assisted by a helpful hooker who also helps her become a streetwalker so she can raise the cash for the operation. The girls father is outraged when he learns the truth, but he blames the school's biology teacher, not his daughter. He is angry with the educator because she knew all about the teddy bear club and was the one who talked about sex with them. The teacher resigns after being reprimanded. Before she does though, she gives an emotional speech to the school board. Meanwhile the troubled girl, runs away to London. -- Sandra Brennan (

ZETA ONE (1969, Michael Cort, UK, spy spoof, 86m)

British babes are plentiful in this light British sci-fi film most likely shot in warmer climes, because the girls sure aren't wearing much clothing. (

SECRETS OF A WINDMILL GIRL (1966, Arnold Louis Miller, UK, crime drama)

This crime drama chronicles the demise of a hapless stripper who ends up gang-raped and killed. The dead woman's best friend, a singer, tells the sordid tale. -- Sandra Brennan (