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Eros (2004)

Director(s): Soderbergh, Antonioni, Kar-Wai

Theatrical Release: 2004

Cast: Gong Li, Chang Chen, Tin Fung, Robert Downey, Jr., Alan Arkin, Ele Keats

Genre(s): Drama, erotic, shorts

Countries: Italy, Hong Kong, USA

Location in store: Italian Directors > Soderbergh

(3 / 3)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 106m.

Three of the world's most gifted filmmakers offer their own unique perspectives on love and lust in this omnibus film. The initial episode, "The Hand," was directed by Wong Kar-Wai, and tells the story of Zhang (Chang Chen), a young, virginal dressmaker's assistant who finds it difficult to control his desire when he is sent to the home of Hua (Gong Li), a beautiful and refined prostitute, for a fitting. Steven Soderbergh directed the film's second story, "Equilibrium," in which Nick Penrose (Robert Downey Jr.) spends a session with his analyst (Alan Arkin) discussing a recurring dream of a beautiful naked woman in his apartment, but he keeps wandering off on tangents about alarm clocks and hair loss. Finally, Italian virtuoso Michelangelo Antonioni brings his short story The Dangerous Thread of Things to the screen, a story of a jaded couple, Christopher (Christopher Buchholz) and Chloe (Regina Nemni), whose relationship comes to a crossroads when both husband and wife become infatuated with the same woman, Linda (Luisa Ranieri). -- Mark Deming (

+ MICHELANGELO EYE TO EYE (Lo Squardo di Michelangelo / 2004, Italy) - a 17-minute short film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni