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For Your Height Only / Challenge of the Tiger

Director(s): Eddie Nicart / Bruce Le

Theatrical Release: 1980 / 198

Cast: Weng Weng, Dick Randall, Richard Harrison, Bruce Le, Bolo Yeung, Hwang Jang Lee

Genre(s): Action, martial arts, Comedy


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(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 175n.

FOR YOUR HEIGHT ONLY (1980, Eddie Nicart, Philippines, 88m) - In this offbeat action-adventure story, a group of gangsters, under the instructions of their leader Mr. Giant, ambush a scientist and steal the formula for a powerful new weapon, the N-Bomb, which he was about to turn over to the government. It's imperative that the N-Bomb be recovered as soon as possible, so the world's greatest secret agent is put on the case -- Agent 00 (Weng Wang), who is a skilled martial arts fighter, a cool hand with a gun, and has a way with the ladies. There is one thing about Agent 00 that is a bit unusual, though -- he's three feet tall. For Your Height Only was shot in the Philippines by Eddie Nicart. -- Mark Deming (

CHALLENGE OF THE TIGER (1980, Bruce Le, Hong Kong, 87m) - Challenge of the Tiger is one of the more notorious members of the "Bruce-sploitation" subgenre of martial arts movies, a loose label referring to exploitative quickies that cashed in on the untimely death of Bruce Lee. Such films often featured a lookalike martial artist billed with a name and likeness close to that of Bruce Lee and Challenge of the Tiger doesn't disappoint in this respect -- it stars one Bruce Le, who also directs this bizarre outing. Le plays C.I.A. agent Wong Leung, who teams up with fellow agent Richard Cannon (played by European exploitation star Richard Harrison) to keep the forces of evil from getting their hands on a serum that makes its users sterile. The film uses this premise as springboard for plenty of sex and violence, including such memorable highlights as Harrison playing tennis with a bevy of topless women (in slow motion, no less) and Le using his martial arts skills to fight a bull. Between the premise and such scenes, Challenge of the Tiger has earned a legendary reputation amongst fans of exploitation fare. Genre devotees should note that the film was also released on video as Gymkata Killer and received a formal DVD reissue in 2005 by Mondo Macabro. -- Donald Guarisco (