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cover: Elevator to the Gallows (2d-Criterion)

Elevator to the Gallows (2d-Criterion)

Director(s): Louis Malle

Theatrical Release: 1957

Cast: Jeanne Moreau, Maurice Ronet, Georges Poujouly, Lino Ventura, Felix Marten, Jean Wall

Genre(s): Thriller, crime, film noir, Criterion Collection, Dean's List

Countries: France

Location in store:

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 92m.

The feature-film debut of famed director Louis Malle is an interesting, modern film noir with the classic theme of lovers plotting to kill the husband and make it look like suicide (reminiscent of The Postman Always Rings Twice). Jean Moreau, as Florence Carala, gives an astonishing performance, perverse but naive as she leads her young lover down a path that can only lead to doom for both of them. Malle and his cinematographer Henri Decae make extensive use of Paris at night, giving the film the feel of claustrophobia and desperation reminiscent of the classic noir films. The excellent score by Miles Davis adds to the entire effect of this mystery thriller. -- Linda Rasmussen (


Criterion Collection 2-DVD Set #335 Special Features:

+ New, restored high-definition digital transfer

+ Archival interviews with Louis Malle, actors Jeanne Moreau and Maurice Ronet, and original soundtrack session pianist René Urtreger

+ New interview with actor Jeanne Moreau

+ Footage of Miles Davis and Louis Malle from the soundtrack recording session

+ New video program about the score with critic Gary Giddins and jazz trumpeter Jon Faddis

+ Malle's student film CRAZEOLOGIE, featuring the title song by Charlie Parker

+ Theatrical trailers

+ New and improved English subtitle translation