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Night Watch (Nochnoj dozor)

Director(s): Timur Bekmambetov

Theatrical Release: 2004

Cast: Konstantin Khabensky, Vladimir Menshov, Valery Zolotukhin, Maria Poroshina, Galina Tyunina, Victor Verzhbitsky

Genre(s): Fantasy, Thriller, supernatural

Countries: Russia (USSR)

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 114m.

Two bands of vampires, one good and one evil, battle to keep the peace in Moscow in this polished thriller from Russia. In the 14th century, two warring bands of vampires, the Warriors of Light and the Warriors of Darkness, declare a truce under which each side will form a law enforcement team to monitor the other side's activities. The Warriors of Light, who attempt to work within the boundaries of good, create the Night Watch, while the Warriors of Darkness, who openly embrace evil, staff the Day Watch. Each watch group is comprised of "others," mortals with supernatural powers who are introduced into the vampire circle as they are recruited. In the early 21st century, Anton Gorodensky (Konstantin Khabensky) is a onetime "other" who is now a full-fledged vampire and member of the Night Watch. One night, while on patrol, he rescues a young boy named Egor (Dima Martinov) from a handful of Dark Warriors, but in the process, he encounters Svetlana (Maria Poroshina), a woman who acts as a "funnel" -- a conduit for the powers of evil. When the Night Watch and Day Watch were formed, it was prophesied that one day a massively powerful "other" would emerge whose powers would destroy the fragile balance between Light and Darkness, and Anton begins to suspect that Svetlana and Egor may be harbingers of this fateful event. Night Watch (aka Nochnoj Dozor) was a massive box-office success in its native Russia, and 20th Century Fox not only purchased United States distribution rights for the film, but also announced plans for a Westernized remake. -- Mark Deming (