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cover: 30 Days: 1st Season (2d)

30 Days: 1st Season (2d)

Director(s): Morgan Spurlock

Theatrical Release: 2005

Cast: Morgan Spurlock, Hanaan Haque, Sadia Shakir Haque, Shamael Haque, David Stacy

Genre(s): TV, Documentary, Gay+Lesbian+Transgendered, religion, Dean's List

Countries: USA

Location in store: Television

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 270m.

After the enormous success of his 2004 documentary SUPER SIZE ME, Morgan Spurlock expands upon his concept to explore social issues in his new TV series, 30 DAYS. Each episode sees a participant living for 30 days in an unfamiliar situation, experiencing life in someone else's shoes and gaining insight into a very different life. Spurlock himself moves to Ohio to try to survive on a minimum wage, and a Christian conservative finds his prejudices challenged when he goes to live in a Muslim community. Homophobia, excessive consumer consumption, and binge drinking are only a few of the issues addressed. (

Disc 1 Episodes: "Minimum Wage," "Anti-Aging," "Muslims and America"

Additional Footage:

+ "Minimum Wage" Diary Cam (15 min.)

+ "Anti-Aging" Diary Cam (15 min.)

+ "Muslims and America" Diary Cam (15 min.)

Disc 2 Episodes: "Straight Man in a Gay World," "Off The Grid," "Binge Drinking Mom"

Additional Footage:

+ "Straight Man in a Gay World" Diary Cam (15 min.) & Audio Commentary

+ "Off The Grid" Diary Cam (15 min.)

+ "Binge Drinking Mom" Diary Cam (15 min.)