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Lost: 2nd Season - d2-3/7

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2005-2006

Cast: Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Dominic Monaghan, Emilie de Ravin, Terry O'Quinn

Genre(s): TV, Drama, Adventure, supernatural, Thriller

Countries: USA

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Running Time:


05 (29) ...And Found (D: Stephen Williams, W: Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse, 10/19/2005) - Michael sets off into the jungle by himself determined to find Walt, but discovers that he is not alone. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Jin are ordered by their captors to take them to their camp, and Sun frantically searches for her missing wedding ring. In flashbacks this episode reveals more of Jin's life before ending up on the island. We meet Jin's former manager at the Grand Seoul Hotel, Mr. Kim, his beatnik best friend and one-time roomie, Tai Soo, and Jae Lee, an adversary of Jin's who has everything he does not, including a good education, charm and wealth. It all leads into why Jin is the way he is now. (

06 (30) Abandoned (D: Adam Davidson, W: Elizabeth Sarnoff, 11/9/2005) - Sawyer's wound becomes life-threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way through the interior of the island with the tail section survivors. Meanwhile, Shannon is once again haunted by visions of Walt. Plus, there is the revelation on the death of Shannon's father who ended up in the hospital where Jack worked. Lastly, Charlie becomes jealous of Locke's interest in Claire. (

07 (31) The Other 48 Days (D: Eric Laneuville, W: Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof, 11/16/2005) - The harrowing first 48 days in the lives of the tail section survivors are revealed. Flashbacks reveal the point of view of Ana-Lucia, Mr. Eko, Bernard and Libby and other survivors as they landed on the other side of the island on the beach. As the days progress danger hits their camp as well when "The Others" start taking people against their will. The group moves inland, but unfortunately things become even worse when a member starts betraying the camp when it's revealed one was not on the flight. (

08 (32) Collision (a.k.a. Old Habits) (D: Stephen Williams, W: Leonard Dick & Javier Grillo-Marxuach, 11/23/2005) - Violence erupts when Ana Lucia and her group stumble upon Sayid and the other castaways on the island. Ana Lucia holds Sayid captive. Kate and Jack care for Sawyer when Mr. Eko brings him back to the camp himself. Flashbacks reveal Ana Lucia's troubled life as a cop after suffering a fatal blow from a former suspect she trusted in a crime scene. Lastly, one by one the tailies reach the rest of the camp. (


09 (33) What Kate Did (D: Paul Edwards, W: Steven Maeda & Craig Wright, 11/30/2005) - As Kate’s backstory continues, her original crime is revealed. She thinks something is haunting her through Sawyer. Locke and Eko make an interesting discovery about the film, and Michael has a mysterious encounter with the computer. (

10 (34) The 23rd Psalm (D: Matt Earl Beesley, W: Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse, 1/11/2006) - This episode will shed more light on why Eko took a mysterious 40-day vow of silence, and possibly information on his stick. Also, Claire begins to lose faith in Charlie after Eko begins to question him about the Virgin Mary statue, and Kate gives the recovering Sawyer a much-needed haircut. (

11 (35) The Hunting Party (D: Stephen Williams, W: Elizabeth Sarnoff & Christina M. Kim, 1/18/2006) - Jack, Locke and Sawyer follow after a determined Michael after he heads into the jungle toward the dreaded "Others" in search of Walt. Meanwhile, Sun has a surprising reaction to Jin's desire to join the search party, and Hurley and Charlie commiserate over the age-old conundrum of "what women want." (

12 (36) Fire + Water (D: Jack Bender, W: Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis, 1/25/2006) - When Charlie's vividly surreal dreams lead him to believe Claire's baby, Aaron, is in danger, Locke suspects Charlie may be using again. Meanwhile, Sawyer encourages Hurley to act on his attraction to Libby. (