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Lost: 2nd Season - d4-5/7

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2005-2006

Cast: Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Dominic Monaghan, Emilie de Ravin, Terry O'Quinn

Genre(s): TV, Drama, Adventure, supernatural, Thriller

Countries: USA

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13 (37) The Long Con (D: Roxann Dawson, W: Steve Maeda & Leonard Dick, 2/8/2006) - Some of the island survivors fear that "The Others" may have returned when Sun is greatly injured during a failed kidnapping attempt at her plant garden. Also, the trust barrier becomes very thin between Locke and Jack in terms of locking up the guns and being kept safe. Meanwhile, Sawyer is an amused but highly interested bystander when tension escalates between Jack, Locke, Kate and Ana Lucia. When Jack purposely takes Sawyer's medication from him he pushes more in favor of helping Locke. Lastly, flashbacks reveal more of Sawyer's con artist past. (

14 (38) One of Them (D: Stephen Williams, W: Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof, 2/15/2006) - After Sun getting injured, some of the survivors begin to think that one of the "other survivors" might be one of "The Others." When French woman Danielle Rousseau leads Sayid to a mysterious captive in the jungle, he becomes determined to find out if he is one of the "Others.'' Meanwhile, Sawyer discovers Hurley’s potentially devastating breach of the survivors’ trust and blackmails him into helping track an elusive island creature that won’t leave Sawyer alone. (

15 (39) Maternity Leave (D: Jack Bender, W: Dawn Lambertsen Kelly & Matt Ragghianti, 3/1/2006) - A mysterious illness that baby Aaron suddenly contracts sends a desperate Claire, Kate and French woman Danielle to return to the same area where Claire was initially kidnapped. It is there where she believes she can find a cure for Aaron's illness. In the meantime, Jack and Locke are doing their best to keep their prisoner a secret from the rest of the survivors on the island. (

16 (40) The Whole Truth (D: Karen Gaviola, W: Christina M. Kim & Elizabeth Sarnoff, 3/22/2006) - Sun comes to the realization that she might be pregnant. She struggles on whether to tell Jin about the situation. Meanwhile, with no success from Jack or Sayid, Ana-Lucia is called in by Locke to interrogate the new prisoner Henry Gale to get more information out of him about the balloon that he and his wife supposedly landed on the island with in the forest. Ana-Lucia, Sayid and Charlie then set out in towards the jungle in search of that balloon. (


17 (41) Lockdown (D: Stephen Williams, W: Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse, 3/29/2006) - When the hatch suddenly takes on a life of its own, Locke is forced to enlist the help of an unlikely ally to control the matter. Meanwhile, Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie go off into the jungle to find out the truth about Henry Gale and see if there really is balloon craft out there in the jungle that carried him and his wife to the island. (

18 (42) Dave (D: Jack Bender, W: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz, 4/5/2006) - Libby lends a helping hand to Hurley to support him when he begins to think the island is having a strange effect on him. Hurley begins to see Dave (guest-star Evan Handler "Sex and the City") on the island, who was his "friend" in the mental institution he was in before crashing on the island. Also, Locke's sense of purpose is shaken when the prisoner gives him new information about the hatch. (

19 (43) S.O.S. (D: Eric Laneuville, W: Steven Maeda & Leonard Dick, 4/12/2006) - Rose is surprisingly and vehemently opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal; romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate when they trek into the jungle to propose a "trade" with "The Others"; and Locke begins to question his faith in the island. (

20 (44) Two for the Road (D: Paul Edwards, W: Christina M. Kim & Elizabeth Sarnoff, 5/3/2006) - After finding an exhausted Michael in the forest Jack and Kate bring him back to the main camp. When finally waking up, Michael has some new details about "The Others." Also, a lovestruck Hurley plans a date for Libby. Lastly, Henry tries to kill Ana-Lucia and now Ana-Lucia wants revenge. (