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Imprint (Masters of Horror)

Director(s): Takashi Miike

Theatrical Release: 2006

Cast: Billy Drago, Youki Kudoh, Toshie Negishi, Michie

Genre(s): Horror, TV, period piece, supernatural, romance

Countries: Japan, USA

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 63m.

An American journalist in search of the love he once left behind travels to a mysterious Japanese island where the past is best left forgotten in the one installment of Showtime's Masters of Horror series that was too controversial for American television. It was long ago that Christopher (Billy Drago) met the mysterious prostitute who captured his heart, but their grim fate was forever sealed when he left the island with only a promise to return one day in the future. Unlike many of the insincere souls who promise to spirit the prostitutes away from the dark and infernal island, Christopher actually made good on his word. However, life is cheap on this bewitched island where the local brothel is the sole refuge for weary souls, and though he ultimately proved to be a rare exception to the rule, Christopher has taken far too long to fulfill his promise. Now, as he shares his woeful tale with a horribly scarred whore (Youki Kudoh) whose knowledge of his long lost love's true fate may prove more of a curse than a blessing, Christopher is about to discover that there are times when death can be the kindest release of all. (

Special Features:

! I AM THE FILM DIRECTOR OF LOVE AND FREEDOM - an interview with Takashi Miike

! IMPERFECT BEAUTY - the make-up and special effects of IMPRINT

! IMPRINTING - the making of IMPRINT featuring interviews with cast & crew

! Audio Commentary with author, musician & American Cinematheque programmer Chris D. and writer Wyatt Doyle of

! Trailers, still gallery, Miike bio, DVD-ROM screenplay & DVD-ROM screensaver