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cover: Head Trauma

Head Trauma

Director(s): Lance Weiler

Theatrical Release: 2006

Cast: Vince Mola, Jamil Mangan, Jim Sullivan, Mary Monahan, Meryl Lynn Brown, Brandee Sanders

Genre(s): Horror, Thriller, psychological

Countries: USA

Location in store: Horror

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 84m.

A troubled man discovers his terrible visions may not all be all in his head in this independent horror story. Emotionally disturbed George (Vince Mola) has been working odd jobs and drifting from city to city for several years when he returns to his home down and moves into an abandoned house that once belonged to his grandmother. George has grand plans of fixing up the house, but it has already been condemned, and neighbors Chester (Jim Sullivan) and Julian (Jamil Mangan) are wary of him. As George sets up his tent inside the old house, he begins to discover curious things that suggest something terrible has happened there, and he wonders if it all ties in to a shocking murder he witnessed as a child. Soon George is being terrorized by a shadowy figure in a snorkel parka, and strange things begin happening as the basement fills with water. Written and directed by Lance Weiler, who created the ultra-low-budget cult phenomenon The Last Broadcast, Head Trauma was screened as part of the 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival. (