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cover: Crazy Love (L'Amour Est un Chien de l'Enfer)

Crazy Love (L'Amour Est un Chien de l'Enfer)

Director(s): Dominique Deruddere

Theatrical Release: 1987

Cast: Josse de Pauw, Michael Pas, Gene Bervoets, Amid Chakir, Florence Beliard, Geert Hunaerts

Genre(s): Drama, coming-of-age, erotic, Dean's List

Countries: Belgium

Location in store: Eastern European Cinema

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 87m.

If you like the title of this Belgian production, you'll love its source, a story by Charles Bukowski titled The Copulating Mermaid of Venice, Calif. Actually the film draws material from three different Bukowski stories to outline three crucial stages in a man's life. The hero begins as a 12-year old naif, "develops" into a miserable pimply adolescent who yearns for the girls who laugh in his face, and "matures" into an alcoholic, drug-addicted bum with a predilection for necrophilia. Amazingly, the material is handled with subtlety and sensitivity--the trick is to get through the film's first painful moments. The episodic nature of Love is a Dog From Hell is due to the fact that the film began as a 30-minute short subject, then was expanded into a feature when a distributor evinced interest. For its grindhouse playoffs, Love is a Dog From Hell was retitled Crazy Love. (