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Female Misbehavior (Monika Treut)

Director(s): Monika Treut

Theatrical Release: various

Cast: Eva Norvind, Annie Sprinkle, Camile Paglia, Max [Anita] Valerio

Genre(s): Documentary, shorts, feminist, cinema, biography, culture, sexploitation

Countries: Germany (East/West), USA

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 160m.

This compilation includes one feature-length movie and four shorts that explore the expanding boundaries of female sexuality by focusing on four unique and divergent women, all outcasts from conventional society as well as outlaws from mainstream feminism.

DIDN'T DO IT FOR LOVE (1998, 80m) - In this low-budget German documentary, filmmaker Monika Treut profiles Norwegian-born actress-sex therapist Eva Norvind. Born in 1944 as Eva Johanne Chegodayeva Sakonskaya, daughter of a Russian prince and a Finnish sculptress, she studied in New York and was penniless when she traveled to Mexico during the '60s. As Eva Norvind, she found roles in Mexican "B"-movies (Tonight No, Jan Pistoles, Blood Pact), dropped out of sight, had a daughter, and returned to NYC to study film at NYU. Her S&M experiments put her in a dominatrix mood, and she launched her own company in 1987, promoting her $300 sessions on TV ("out of the dungeon and into the classroom"), moving on to embrace academia and criminal psychology before adding explorations into religion and philosophy. Interview subjects (Eva, a psychiatrist, family, friends, film associates) are seen in a video-to-16mm transfer. Shown at the 1998 Berlin Film Festival. (

BONDAGE (1983, 20 min) - features an unidentified woman explaining the pleasures of bondage and tit torture and the "very warm, very safe, very secure" feeling that comes with it.

ANNIE (1989, 10 min) - stars ex-porn actress and performance artist (and self-declared "post-porn modernist") Annie Sprinkle, who offers an entertaining segment in which she transforms "average" women into sex stars and invites the audience to join her in examining and admiring her cervix with the aid of a flashlight and a speculum.

DR. PAGLIA (1992, 23 min) - features Dr. Camile Paglia, professor of Humanities at Philadelphia's University of the Arts, who came into contentious prominence with the publication of her best-selling book, "Sexual Personae," in 1990. The narcissistic, "anti-feminist" feminist and "academic rottweiler" discusses her theories as well as her disastrous sex life.

MAX (1992, 27 min) - is perhaps the most fascinating of the segments. Interviewed is Native American Anita Valerio, who was formerly a stunningly beautiful lesbian but who now, thanks to surgery, is Max, a handsome heterosexual "almost" male. (