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Hungry for Monsters

Director(s): George Paul Csicsery

Theatrical Release: 2003


Genre(s): Documentary, psychological, Pittsburgh, Dean's List

Countries: USA

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 69m.

A Pittsburgh family endured a disturbing ordeal during the 1990s when a teenage girl accused her father of molesting her and claimed a neighborhood couple forced her to participate in satanic sex orgies. As counselors coaxed "repressed memories" from beneath her subconscious, the girl continued to make horrific claims, resulting in multiple arrests which were overturned when new evidence came to light. A riveting and cautionary documentary.


This chilling documentary tells the story of Rick and Renee Althaus, a normal middle-class couple raising two children in Mt. Lebanon, PA. In 1990, at the age of 15, na´ve, impressionable Nicole Althaus fell under the spell of high school teacher Priscilla Zappa, who became obsessed with Nicole and eventually helped to convince her that her parents had sexually abused her in grotesque ways. (

Member Reviews

Twilight Zone Episode in Backyard by antman - June 21, 2010
HUNGRY FOR MONSTERS is about a Mt. Lebanon family (opening shot is of a Mt. Lebo street sign) involved in a disturbing, media-frenzied debacle
over a purported sex scandal in the '90s. Even more disturbing than the elevated madness & irrationality throughout the unfolding of events is the outcome of the truly guilty parties! Sometimes it is honestly incomprehensible how
some people end up rewarded , if not for, clearly despite, their sins. Not the greatest documentary, but it's definitely worth checking out. This real-life Twilight Zone episode happened in our backyard!