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13 Tzameti

Director(s): Gela Babluani

Theatrical Release: 2005

Cast: George Babluani, Aurelien Recoing, Philippe Passon, Pascal Bongard, Fred Ulysse, Pascal Bougard

Genre(s): Thriller, psychological, Drama, Dean's List

Countries: France

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 90m.

An aimless 20-year-old with a penchant for following the rules receives a mysterious set of instructions that lead him down a path from which he may never return in director GTla Babluani's tense tale of death and chance. STbastien has come into possession of a train ticket and a mysterious set of instructions. Though he is unsure of exactly what fate awaits him when he arrives at his destination, one thing is certain: these items were most certainly not meant for him. Bored by his uneventful existence and hungering for something new, STbastien boards the outbound train and takes his first bold steps into an unknown future. But the world can be a cruel and unforgiving place filled with unfeeling men to whom human life means little more than a lost wager, and if STbastien is to make it through his harrowing journey alive he must keep his wits about him and pray that luck is on his side. (

Member Reviews

Excellent one-storyline movie by RW - June 1, 2008
There's probably four pages of script in the whole film, but it keeps you glued to your seat. I love how the storyline reveals itself to the viewer and the main character at the same time. Tightly scripted and acted, tense, highly recommended.