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cover: Movieside Film Festival

Movieside Film Festival

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release:


Genre(s): Avant-Garde, shorts, animation


Location in store: Avant-Garde Cinema

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Ant Rating
Running Time:

A collection of 20 short films by independent, underground and alternative filmmakers featured at the Movieside Film Festival, the world's largest short film festival. Includes:

1. Knuckleface Jones - Todd Rohal (16m)

2. Monkey vs. Robot - Nathan Pommer (3m, Slamdance Entry)

3. Dance Habibi Dance - Usama Alshaibi (4m, San Fransisco Indie Film Festival Entry)

4. Warplay - Bryan Lefler (8m, New York Underground Film Festival Entry)

5. State of the Union - Bryan Boyce (3m, Slamdance Entry)

6. 0502 - Mark Hejnar (3m, Cinematexas Entry)

7. And Knowing was Half the Battle - Eric Fensler (3m, Chicago Underground Film Festival Entry)

8. Harry Knuckles - Lee Demarbre (5m, Museum of Contemporary Art)

9. Printer Jam - Doug Lussenhop (3m, Microcinefest Entry)

10. A Primer for Dental Extraction - Carl Weidemann (5m, Select Media Festival)

11. Cabrini Green - Brett Foxwell (5m, Ann Arbor Film Festival)

12. 30 FPS - Micah Scarpelli (6 m)

13. Grain - Eric Medine (3m, Stray Show)

14. Communista - Jim Finn (3m)

15. Damn You Mister Bush - Skizz Cyzyk (3m, Cinematexas)

16. A Moment - Bob Hurst (4m, American Film Institute)

17. Track One: Incomplete (Locust Video) - Ricky Cozzolino (1m)

18. Construction: One - Christine Hart - (4m)

19. Monkey Walken: An Intimate Portrait - Jason Woliner & James Dean Conklin (3m)