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Rental Policies

Membership is Free. Sign-Up Is Easy.

Government or university photo ID* and valid MasterCard or Visa are required. If you do not have a valid MasterCard or Visa to use as a deposit, you can still join with a one-time, refundable $20 cash deposit.
* Driver's license, state photo ID, passport, military photo ID or university/college photo ID are all acceptable.

New Arrivals Every Tuesday - available for reservations

Dreaming Ant Gift Certificates - available in all denominations

Reservations - available in person or via phone @ 412-683-7326

Maximum Rentals Out At A Time

Depending on the form of deposit you provided when signing up, you're permitted the following number of rentals out at a given time. Maximum Rentals is also partially determined by your length as a member, frequency of visits and consistency of on-time returns. Dreaming Ant has the right to adjust your Maximum at its discretion.

  • Credit Card | 4-6 Max - Members with a valid Visa or MasterCard on file are permitted a maximum of 4-6 DVD rentals out at any given time.
  • Debit Card | 2-3 Max - Members with a valid Visa or MasterCard debit or check card on file are permitted a maximum of 2-3 DVD rentals out at any given time.
  • $20 Cash Deposit | 1-2 Max - Members without a valid debit or credit card on file may put a $20 cash deposit down and are permitted a maximum of 1-2 DVD rentals out at any given time. Deposits are fully refundable if you replace with a valid Visa or MasterCard at any time or if you close your account - provided your account is in good standing. You must have your photo ID with you in order to get your refund.

Rental Terms

  • Dreaming Ant does not have membership cards, so you are required to show your photo ID before each transaction.
  • Failure to return rental items within ten (10) days from due date may cause your membership to be revoked, your credit card to be charged for full retail value of rental items, late fees & replacement fees and/or criminal prosecution under state law.
  • Standard rental prices and terms apply to all DVDs unless marked differently.
  • All rental prices include taxes. In other words, a $4 rental means you'll be paying $4.
  • All rentals are due on the Due Date displayed on your receipt before Dreaming Ant closes at midnight.
  • We will accept personal checks from customers who have a Dreaming Ant membership with a valid form of deposit on their account. You will be charged $25.00 for each returned check.

When / Why / How Much Are You Charged?

  • Rental Charges are paid at the time of rental. You may pay by cash, Visa, MasterCard or check.
  • Additional Rental (aka Late) Fees are expected to be paid either at time of return or at the time of your next rental.
  • Unreturned / Damaged Rentals - If a standard rental item you rent is damaged, lost or stolen and you fail to return it within 30 days of its due date, we will assess charges against the credit/debit card or security deposit on your account for the full standard retail price of the item(s) plus one week of late fees and a $5 replacement fee. If an item that you do not return is out of print, you will be responsible for paying the full replacement value of the item plus 2 weeks of late fees and a $5 replacement fee.
  • Contact Us ASAP - If an item you rent is damaged, lost, stolen, or for some reason you cannot return it on time, please contact us immediately so we may come to a fair arrangement.
  • If you have questions about a charge that shows up on your credit/debit card statement, please feel free to contact the store manager.