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Tuesday Special: 3 for $10

Rent any 3 DVDs for 4 days for $10. Tax included.

New Member Referral Bonus: Free DVD Rental

One free rental (20 frequent rental points) per referral is credited to referring member's account after new member rents and returns 2 DVDs at the standard $4-4 days rental price over the course of at least two separate visits. All outstanding account balances for both members must be paid-in-full.

Movie Review Bonus: Free DVD Rental

Post 5 movie reviews on and receive a free rental. Each review must contain a minimum of 4 sentences, be at least 75 words long, include a Review Title and be coherent (i.e. not just a string of nonsense to fill up space). We reserve the right to disqualify any review if we deem it inadequate.

In order to receive your free rental, you obviously need to be a Dreaming Ant member. You also need an account on to participate. Create New MyAccount. All outstanding account balances must be paid-in-full and you must Email Us the primary name on your Dreaming Ant account and your username.

Touring Tee Bonus: Free DVD Rental

Have someone snap a photo of you wearing your Dreaming Ant t-shirt while voguing in front of a recognizable landmark outside of Western PA, and we'll hook you up with a free rental. We'll also post your photo on our website if it can be resized to our dimensions (142p x 209p).

In order to receive your free rental, all outstanding account balances must be paid-in-full and you must Email Us your name, Dreaming Ant member number (found in MyAccount area) and a gif or jpeg of your photo - photos should be 142 pixels wide x 209 pixels high. Your account will not be credited until your photo is posted on You may submit one photo per account.

Frequent Renter Points (FRP) Chart

Earn points every time you rent or purchase something at Dreaming Ant, and then exchange your points for free rentals - 20 FRP will get you a free rental.

$4 Standard Rental2
DVD/T-Shirt Purchase1
$2 Discounted Rental1
$1 In-Store Rental1/2

Exclusive Website Coupon

Click Here for Exclusive Website Coupon


Education Discount: $2 Catalog Rentals - $3 New Arrivals

All 4 day rentals. $1.00 per rental each additional day. In order to qualify for discount, professor must submit current class syllabus. Professors receive discount as well.

Partner Discount: $2 for 4 days - Catalog titles only

$1.00 per rental each additional day. In order to qualify for discount, member must be able to verify employment with one of Dreaming Ant's partner businesses e.g. bring in a recent pay stub.