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Last updated: 07/20/09
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[ no cover image available ] Happy Together

Directed by: Wong Kar-Wai
Starring: Tony Leung
Leslie Cheung
Chang Chen

Running Time: 97m.

Though billed as a gay-themed love story, Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Karwai's third effort is an examination of phases in a romantic relationship that transcends sexuality. Soon after they meet, the rather somber Lai and the freewheeling Ho become lovers. The two then go on a road trip to the famous Iguazu Falls, but en route, they break up and return to their former jobs. Lai is a doorman at a popular tango bar while Ho is a street hustler. He still wants a relationship with Lai, but the latter refuses, until one night Ho is terribly beaten and shows up on Lai's doorstep. Lai takes pity and cares for Ho while recuperates. Though the recovering Ho tries, he is unable to seduce Lai into renewing their physical relationship. Still, Lai cares and to this end, has hidden Ho's passport. He is finally forced to make a decision about his liaison with Ho after his latest lover Chang returns home to Hong Kong. The film's Argentine setting represents the antithesis of Hong Kong. - Sandra Brennan (allmovie.com)

Drama, romance, Gay+Lesbian+Transgendered


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