Everything on Display is now $3!

All DVDs on display at Dreaming Ant are now on sale for $3 each. This is our final week of sales so come and get ‘em while you can. Our last day is Friday, December 13th.

Pricing for DVDs that are not on display varies. If there are movies you’re interested in that are not on display, or that you saw on our website, please ask Ben or Dean for individual prices.

All sales are final, and as-is.

End of Days

Dreaming Ant is closing. For real this time. Our final day for sales will be Friday, December 13. And yes, we are closing on Friday the 13th.

So please…please stop by, visit with Ben, Brick and me one (or more) final time(s). And while you’re at it, pick up some DVDs…I really don’t want to bring all of these home!

We’ll be open every night until the 13th from 6:00 – 10:00 PM.

We still have lots of racks for sale. And we will give our amazing wood counter and/or cabinet (that Ben built!) to the first interested party who is willing and able to haul it.

DVD Price Reduction!

New, lower pricing started yesterday. Movies on the racks around the perimeter of the store are now $6 for one, or 3 for $15.

DVDs on the two islands are still $5 for one, 5 for $20, or 10 for $30.

Movies not on display, in binders, or behind our counter are specially priced, so if you’re interested, please inquire and we’ll get you pricing.

And you are still welcome to buy our entire collection of 13,000 DVDs for a shockingly reasonable $10,000.

Queer Video Vault Buys LGBT Collection!

Thanks to the Queer Video Vault and Rayden Sorock, most of Dreaming Ant’s LGBT collection will live on, intact. It will be split between the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and The Big Idea Bookstore, Inc starting sometime shortly after the first of the year. In the meantime, you can check out the QVV Facebook page for information on how you can borrow something from their newly acquired collection.

$3 Sale ! !

Select titles are now on sale at Dreaming Ant! We have six racks filled with these sale titles, so come ‘n get ‘em while they last.

$5 for one DVD [or]
$20 for five DVDs [or]
$30 for 10 DVDs !!

The rest of our DVDs are also available for purchase. Most are $8, or 3 for $20, but some are more expensive so please ask and we’ll check for you.

! ! $5 Sale ! !

Select titles – generally Hollywood blockbusters that we purchased multiple copies of – are now on sale at Dreaming Ant! We currently have four racks filled with these sale titles, and will be adding another two racks in the coming week(s). Come ‘n get ‘em while they last.

$5 for one DVD [or] $20 for five DVDs

If you are purchasing more than 5 DVDs at a time and we’re busy, we may ask you to come back in a day or two in order to give us time to fill your order. Thanks for your understanding.

No Sales on Thu 5/2 or Sat 5/4

There will be a sales blackout on Thursday, May 2, and Saturday, May 4. In other words, we will not be selling any movies during these two days.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we were unprepared for the immediate and substantial interest. We are currently busy trying to fulfill advance orders that were submitted in person or via email in recent weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

In the meantime, you are welcome to come in and browse. We will hold titles through this weekend for anyone who stops by during these two days. Additionally, you’re welcome to submit your requests to us via email at sales@dreamingant.com.

We will be open for rentals as usual.